4th Judicial District Court Adoptions

Honorable Sharon Marchman – Division B

The Fourth Judicial District Court adopted the following addition to Title V Juvenile, Chap. 46 Adoption Proceedings, Rule 46.0 Filing of Pleadings;
Required Exhibits effective March 1, 2020:
(b) Filing of Pleadings.
For agency, private, intrafamily, or foreign (Hague or non-Hague) adoptions, Petitioners or their attorneys shall file the required Appendix 46.0(b) Checklist Form contemporaneously with the Petition.
The filing of said Checklist has the effect of a pleading and must be executed in good faith.
The required checklists are linked below:

Private Adoption Checklist
Intrafamily Adoption Checklist
Foreign Adoption (Hague Convention Country) Checklist
Foreign Adoption (Non-Hague Convention Country) Checklist
Agency Adoption Checklist

Attorneys Filing Intrafamily or private adoptions with the 4JDC should download the following forms for submission to the Court:

Requirements for Adoption Hearings
Criminal Background Check Instructions
LSP Authorization Form
Informational Attachment
Non-Support Inquiry

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