4th Judicial District Court FINS

Families in Need of Services

FINS is located at the Juvenile Detention Alternative Center (JADC) at Green Oaks.

FINS (Families In Need of Services)
4824 South Grand Street
Monroe, LA 71202
Director: Michael Chisley
Tel: 318-327-3415 Ext. 5
Fax: 318-327-5438
Map: Google Map

Who can be helped by FINS?

Any child under the age of 18, a caretaker, or any other members of child’s family, who is alleged to be in need of services

How does one make a referral to FINS?

Contact the FINS Director.

When should referrals be made to FINS?

  • if a child is truant or has repeatedly violated school rules
  • if a child is ungovernable
  • if a child is a runaway
  • if a child has repeatedly possessed or consumed intoxicating beverages, or has misrepresented or deceived his age for the purpose of purchasing or receiving such beverages
  • if a child has committed an offense (examples: gambling, cigarettes, etc.) applicable only to children
  • if a child under ten years of age has committed any offense which by an adult would be a crime under any federal, state or local law
  • if a caretaker has caused, encouraged, or contributed to the child’s delinquent behaviors or to the child’s behaviors enumerated above
  • if, after notice, a caretaker has willfully failed to attend a meeting with the child’s teacher, school principal, or other appropriate school employee to discuss the child’s truancy, repeated violation of school rules, or other serious educational problems
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